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Lawli Lovenote
"my life has never been a bed of roses"
any pronouns
United States

Mood: Lucky

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About Me:
Hey there! Nice to meet you! I'm your internet friend, Lawli!
My nickname, Lawli, is from a super long username I had on IMVU (it started with Lawliet), so my friends shortened it to Lawli!
I was born January 21st, 1998 -- I'm an aquarius! I am non-binary any pronouns are fine, you can call me anything, especially if its friend ^_^! I am bisexual and I have adhd so sometimes focusing is very hard for me! I'm engaged to the greatest person in da world!!!
I cry a lot!! I want to live where its cold all the time...=w=
My favorite treat is onigiri with salmon filling! *droolz* and finally my favorite color is blue!
This website is to host stuff I like, commission info, art examples, and my original characters!
Feel free to sign my guestbook below!
Also check out my support page for other cool web pages, artists and charities!

Likes & Dislikes:
Anime Cringe-culture
Old Internet Needles
Animals Inequality
Cute Stuff Hatefulness
Spicy food Other beings in pain
Original Characters Music / Art Snobs
Stationery / Organization True Crime
Paranormal / Occult Religion
[Hover] cw//
Drawing / Painting / Editing / MMD
Architecture / Interior Design
Roleplaying / Writing
Simulation Games + FPS Games
Other Info
Sun Element Air
Moon Global-5 RLOAI
Mercury Enneagram The Challenger
Venus Tarot The Star
Mars Flower Poppy
Jupiter Season Winter
Saturn Zodiac Tiger
Uranus Power Color Blue
Neptune Birth Stone Garnet
Pluto Alignment Chaotic Good
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